Xcode for Windows Online

Xcode for Windows Online:

Xcode is an application available for Mac OS. It is used to develop iOS and Mac applications. This is the blog explaining to install the Xcode for Windows in online. The main disadvantage of this tutorial is you need to pay for using Mac in the cloud.

What is MacInCloud?

To develop and perform tasks in Mac Os you no need to buy Mac book. MacinCloud is a leading cloud Mac solution provider with global presence. You can manage and access MacinCloud servers from anywhere with Internet access to develop apps and perform tasks that require a Mac.

xcode for windows online macincloud


Plans are varied according to the usage you need. You can buy the normal or dedicated network. You can by hourly, weekly, monthly and yearly plans. You can access your Xcode and Mac OS from any browser you are using. You can choose any OS among 5 different Mac OS. Xcode will come with the pre-installed kit in your Mac OS if you choose Xcode at the time of purchase.

$1 per hour to $49 per month


What is MacStadium?

MacStadium virtualizes the macOS on genuine Apple hardware. They provide dedicated Apple Mac computers in their VMware-powered private clouds so you can virtualize any OS in one environment. They also provide Mac OS in both dedicated and normal hosting ways.


Dedicated Mac Mini:

$49/month, $69/month, $89/month

Dedicated Mac Pro:

$299/month, $339/month, $679/month

Private Mac Cloud:

Small: $649/month

Medium: $1999/month

Large: $2799/month


What is XCloud?

XCLOUD is an enterprise-class IaaS for OS X and macOS. It’s perfect for developers and companies that need to run one or hundreds of dedicated macOS VMs in the Cloud. In fact, each Xcloud instance is a dedicated virtual machine running macOS version of your choice.


Xcloud-s : $49/month

Xcloud-m: $89/month

Xcloud-l: $169/month

Xcloud-xl: $329/month

You can also get some custom plans.

Website: https://xcloud.me/

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