Xcode for Windows:  Xcode is an application available for Mac OS. It is used to develop iOS and Mac applications. This is the blog explaining to install the Xcode for Windows. There are a lot of ways to use the Xcode on your Windows operating system.  Few months before you can easily install that using Hackintosh but now Hackintosh Sierra is not available easily. Xcode needs at least Mac Sierra of version 10.12. If you need Xcode only for learning the swift language then it is easy. Swift is an open source language so you can easily use online IDE’s to learn the Swift language. You can also get it for free but you need to read this blog to avail Xcode free.

Xcode for windows

There are several options for using the Xcode on Windows. You can use it on the Internet or from your PC. If it is on the internet then you need to pay some amount according to the provider. You can download Xcode for windows but it is a little bit tricky. Xcode is not directly available for windows but you can use it in Windows operating system for free. But you need to download some pieces of stuff. Xcode is not available for any other platform except Mac. One of the reasons behind this is a compatible issue. If you need to use Xcode for windows easily means then you can rent a Mac on the cloud but it is not free. If your only goal is to develop iOS apps from windows then there are several choices other than Xcode.

1.Xcode for Windows offline:

You need to download some pieces of stuff before start using Xcode on windows. You need to install the Mac Os on your windows computer and then you can easily install the Xcode on that Mac OS. There is no separate Xcode for windows application. You need to install VMWare workstation or Virtual Box to boot Mac OS on your Windows PC. You can also use Xcode on windows without VMWare Workstation but you need USB installer like Rufus.

Xcode for Windows offline – VMWare or Virtual Box:

Xcode for windows vmware

Download the stuff from the following download link before start reading the instructions.

  1. Install VMWare on your system and note that if the system fails with the following requirement then it is difficult to use Xcode on windows.
  2. Open VMWare and press Ctrl+N
  3. Choose the option “typical” and click next button
  4. Browse and choose downloaded Mac
  5. Configure the virtual hardware. Note: If you choose the hardware requirements low then you feel slow booting on virtual Mac and if you choose more than host will become slow.
  6. Start the virtual Mac
  7. Open app store
  8. search and install Xcode

That’s all. Now you can use Xcode for windows easily by opening the virtual machine like on your own machine.


  • Free of charge
  • Both OS at a time
  • Easy switching between OS
  • Easy Xcode installation


  • Needs more memory and processor
  • Slow down the main OS

Xcode for Windows offline – USB:

Xcode for windows full size

If you go with this method you can use only one OS at the time. It is the little bit tricky process because you are going to use Mac from pen drive. You need to download stuff from the following link before start using the Xcode. Please note that Rufus only works on windows. It will format all the data in your USB storage and write the new Mac OS in the USB. So backup your data from the USB to some other location before proceeding with Rufus.

  1. Install Rufus
  2. Choose pen drive and copy Mac to pen drive with Rufus
  3. Restart System and boot it from USB
  4. Login the Mac OS
  5. Open app store
  6. Install Xcode


  • Free of charge
  • Using the whole hardware for one OS
  • Speed


  • Only one OS at the time

2.Xcode for Windows online:

It is the easiest way but you need to spend some amount of money and faster internet connection. A lot of providers are available and you can rent Mac OS from them. After renting you can easily install Xcode from the app store. Some of the cloud providers give you the OS with preinstalled Xcode system. So you no need to download Xcode for windows. If you are worried about price then you no need to fear. More options are available according to the provider and you can choose one of them. Plans are available from cents to dollars. If you need only for some hours then you can use “pay as you go” plan. Here you are billed according to your usage. MacInCloud is the cloud provider featured with a lot of plans. Your Mac OS comes with the pre-installed Xcode and you no need to spend time on downloading it.

Xcode for windows



  • Easy usage
  • No need to install anything
  • No worry about system requirements


  • You need to pay an amount

Xcode for Windows Support:

Xcode for Windows is used to develop applications on Mac and iOS. You can develop applications with the help of languages like Swift and Objective C. Xcode is not officially released for windows from apple store. There is no news available from the apple support regarding the future release in windows. Xcode need some features which is only available in OSX hardwares.

How To Install Xcode On Windows 10/8.1/8/7:

Xcode is an Integrated Development Entertainment(IDE) that one consistent set of a software tool. who one is designed by Apple for specifically developing software on Mac OS X and iOS X. Xcode is an application development Kit SDK is containing a set of software. Here is a method of how to install Xcode on your pc windows10, windows8,windows7, also using VirtualBox. Install  Xcode SDK on your Windows operating system. After install, you can create a basic application for Windows PC Xcode for windows.

Xcode for windows

System Requirements:

  • windows 10/8.1/8/7
  • 64-bit versions only
  • Graphics card DX9(Shader Model 3.0)   (or)
  • DX 11 with level capabilities
  • SSE2 instruction support
  • RAM 4GB+
  • Hard Drive 500GB+
  • Processor 2.5GHZ

Xcode for windows Summary:

Xcode is the only tool available to build the iOS and Mac applications using swift language. It is the best IDE among all other IDE’s to build iOS applications. Comes with pre-installed iOS SDK. Mac OS is also available on Apple official website but only in .dmg format. If you need to learn only SWIFT language then you can move to online IDEs.

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