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PUBG Mobile is a new fastest emerging game. It is a multiplayer game and kills your time fastly. PUBG here stands for Player Unknown’s Battle Ground. As the name itself tells the game info where the game is adventure and action. You have nothing in your hand on the game starts. You need to get into the game and earn rewards like game coins and gameplay things. It is very interactive and addictive game now rollout into every youngster’s mobile. We are seeing a lot of memes with PUBG commands. PUBG Mobile free download from here or instructions. PUBG Mobile is next to PUBG PC.

The game starts with the player parachuting and lands on an island. Then you need to collect the items one by one on an island that makes you win. You can collect clothes, weapons, and features for that weapons. It is the big game translated to your mobile device. The game is first availed only in Xbox and PC and now it is also available in play store.



In PC the system requirements should be more. The PUBG PC game have more graphics option so it should be nice if it have more options.

OS: 64-bit Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Processor: Intel Core i3-4340 / AMD FX-6300
Memory: 6 GB RAM
Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTX 660 2GB / AMD Radeon HD 7850 2GB
DirectX: Version 11
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 30 GB available space

PUBG Controls in Mobile:

If you already played PUBG PC or Xbox then you no need to worry about mobile controls. Because it gives you the same experience while you played there. The only difference is there you haven’t used on-screen controls but here it will. They built the game clearly because it uses the mobile hardware perfectly and gives the smooth experience to the players. If you have any problem with gameplay you can close the applications that taking RAM and then you can start it again.

PUBG will be nicer to play if you increase the brightness and wear headphone for good sound effects. PUBG comes up with the graphics settings so that it helps the lower devices to make the game smoother to play. If you have a smart TV then cast it there from your phone and play there which will give you the more effects because of the bigger display there.

PUBG mobile controls


Just think about the scenario. PUBG already has plenty of users. Daily lakhs of people are looking for PUBG in google. So you no need to worry about the gameplay. As we already discussed it comes up with graphics option and you can choose that according to your device capacities like CPU core strength and RAM free size. PUBG also gives you the high-quality audio and you can hear it clearly if you use any in-ear devices. It gives you the beautiful environment and you will feel like in the game. Trying this game is not that much big because PUBG mobile free download option is available everywhere.

PUBG Mobile gameplay free download

PUBG Mobile Free Download:

PUBG Mobile is free and you need to spend money only if you need to purchase any items like clothes or weapons. You can also earn those things while you playing the game. It’s up to you whether spending the money or not. Most of the players are earning the coins and things while playing the game. Only some people will buy the items with the help of real money. If you have more cash on your hand then spend it here. But you can not get it back and remember that it is only entertainment.


To play the game your device must have a good internet connection. Your Android smartphone should have the version of 5.1.1 and above. It should be nice if your phone has the RAM capacity of 2GB and above. The current version of PUBG supports more than 500 models and your model may be one among that. They are still researching to give support on more than these devices and also for the smooth experience in low-end devices. It is also same for PUBG PC.

Initial Load:

PUBG is a little bigger game and it is about GB in size you need to download from play store. Nowadays, many big games like Grand Theft Auto, Need For Speed are available for mobiles. So here Player Unknown’s Battle Ground will support your mobile easily if you have enough memory space and enough processor’s clock speed. It’s a little bigger one and it will download some support files. So, it will take some seconds to load initial files.

PUBG Mobile free download Android initial load

Logging In:

To save your game progress PUBG Mobile free download  offers you social network login. If you don’t have social network in twitter or Facebook then you can not save your game progresses. Almost build like PUBG PC. PUBG Mobile Free Download Login Options

  1. Guest
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook

If you choose Guest mode PUBG will show the command like Progress may be lost when changing devices or deleting the game under Guest Mode. Link a social network account to save your progress. Your loading speed will vary according to your speed of internet connection.

PUBG Mobile free download Android guest mode

First Time Configurations:


  1. Choose Your Region. For example, Asia
  2. Choose Your Face, Hair and Your look
  3. You can also select your FlagPUBG Mobile free download Android APK Flag Choose
  4. Create a Nick Name for you
  5. It will ask you how familiar in your shooting games
  6. Choose your graphic options according to your phone version. If it is low end version then choose low. If it is high end version then go for highPUBG Mobile free download Android graphics options

Pros or Advantages:

  1. The new gameplay environment and lovely game from PUBG PC
  2. Simplified User Interface on both design and experience
  3. Have three graphics option
  4. Free game
  5. Customized Controls
  6. Smooth experience

Cons or Disadvantages:

  1. Not supported for lower-end devices
  2. Need social media connection
  3. Battery Drain

Mobile is operated with a battery. PUBG Mobile needs a continuous internet connection and the display is switched on always. So the game may drain the battery fastly so please carry a battery backup like power bank. It may heat up your device if you play the game connected with charger. Because it drains the battery and uses almost all the CPU cores. PUBG mobile Free Download easily. You can contact the PUBG with the help of facebooks official page or with the help of their mail id

PUBG Mobile Free Download

Useful User Reviews:

  1. You know what.. this is one freaking awesome game that I will never part with. I love this game more than my girlfriend. Awesome controls and perfect graphics.. just one more thing. what should I do to transfer this my PUBG account from one phone to another.. I mean I lost my phone where I played PUBG. And I reached to level 14 or 15, possibly 15. And now I don’t want to start the game all over again. Can you please help me so that I can have my PUBG account in my new mobile phone ?? Your action will be highly appreciated by me. Thank you – Jhuma Dey
  2. Hands down the most ambitious and fun game on mobile, this is the biggest jump in mobile gaming I’ve ever seen and it’s super impressive what this game can do on any device basically. First, 5/5 mobile game for me beats fortnight mobile and any other PUBG rip off. Ton of fun, lots of support, 2 graphically impressive and detailed maps and a super fun and balanced first person mode make this game the perfect mobile experience not just in the battle Royale department. – 64 megabytes
  3. The game is poorly optimized needs to run much smoother my phone is no slouch, Bluetooth controller should be supported and not reliant on third-party apps like octopus which add more lag. The gameplay is fantastic best mobile game ever but it doesn’t run well on all but the latest flagships as of now. I am prepared to give 5 stars if these issues are rectified. Update juneb2018 still runs poorly