4 Steps to Download Instagram for PC Windows 10/8/7/XP Mac

 Instagram for PC:

Instagram for PC is now available to download. You can download the Instagram application for PC from this blog. Instagram is the wonderful application specially created to have fun with the world. It not only targets the friends it also targets the people around you about their interests and more. You can share your moment and you can watch other people moment from Insta. Instagram for PC has many celebrities and you can follow as many of them you want. You feel like the celebrity you love most is being a friend to you. The whole world is in the small hand.

Instagram for PC

What is Instagram For PC?

Instagram is a social network created to share videos and photos with your friends and followers. It was released on October 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger. Instagram was first launched exclusively to iOS and not for Android. Later it was released to Android and then to Windows Mobile. Instagram offers you the photo editing facility which was very famous in 2014 periods. Now there are many photo editing community is there but Instagram is the one which includes that in the social network. Nowadays it has more features like status update, live video, chats, pages and more. Now it was acquired by Facebook.what is instagram for pc

Instagram Photo Editing Features:

Instagram has good photo editing features. You can also save it to your phone or memory if you do not wish to share with others.

Following are the steps to edit your photo in the Instagram

  • Choose a Photo from your gallery
  • Choose the filter effect you want. Instagram Filter Options:
    • Clarendon
    • Gingham
    • Moon
    • Lark
    • Reyes
    • Juno
    • Slumber
    • Crema
    • Ludwig
    • Aden
    • Perpetua
    • Amaro
    • Mayfair
    • Rise
    • Hudson
    • Valencia
    • X-Pro II
    • Sierra
    • Willow
    • Lo-Fi
    • InkWell
    • Hefe
    • Nashville
  • Instagram Edit Options:
    • Crop
    • Brightness
    • Contrast
    • Structure
    • Warmth
    • Saturation
    • Color
    • Fade
    • Highlights
    • Shadows
    • Vignette
    • Radial Tilt
    • Linear Tilt
    • Sharpen

Instagram for PC edit Oprions

Steps to Download Instagram for PC:

You download Instagram for Your Windows PC easily from the Microsoft Store. There is no standalone file available to use install separately on windows. You need to manually download that from the Microsoft store.

Step 1: Open Microsoft Store from the taskbar. You can also search for Microsoft Store after clicking the windows button.

Instagram For Pc Store

Step 2: Search Instagram in the search box. Microsoft is the official store available for Windows. You will get the most of the application from here. It is like Google Play Store available for Windows.

Search Instagram

Step 3: Choose Instagram. There are many applications available. Please choose Instagram from the list which is appeared at the first. Note the icon from the below image.

Choose Instagram

Step 4: Click Get or Install button. It will show the message as working and then it will show downloading when it connected to the Microsoft download server. Instagram for PCwill show the download rate when the application is downloading to your PC. It will automatically install the application toPC. You no need to do anything after clicking the get button.

Download Instagram

The User Interface of the Instagram Windows is same as like the Instagram on Android. It is very easy to use and fast as same as in Android. You no need to download any setup files are zip files to use Instagram in your PC. Just follow this simple step and Microsoft will do the rest for you. You can share the application with your friends with help of Microsoft store.

The biggest disadvantage of using the Instagram for pc in the store is that you can not get an executable file and you can not share the app with your friends or family. Everyone need to manually download the application form the Microsoft store. In Android 100MB of memory is enough to use but in Windows, they specified the available memory requirement as 200MB in size. You need quite larger available space to in RAM to use the Instagram in your PC.

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 10 and above

Architecture: 32-bit architecture

Direct X: version 9

Memory: 2GB

Downloadable Size: 200MB

Instagram for PC Information:

Developer: Instagram

Publisher: Instagram

Date: 26/02/2016

Category: Social

You need to sign in to your Microsoft account and you download the maximum of 10 devices under a single account.

Other Options:

If you have low memory on the system then visit the Instagram official website. Log in to your account and use the Instagram web from any browser. The Instagram for pc with the web has some limitations where you cannot edit photos like Android or you can not add photos. You can use other features like viewing the post, like, comment and save. Instagram offers you the search option which is perfect than other social networks. Because it will show you the best relevant content according to your interest and Instagram experience.

Instagram for PC web

Instagram For PC Reviews:

Needs Updates: PC needs updates because it is bad. You can’t swipe through slides and a lot of things my friends send me cannot be viewed.

A problem to play video: Sometimes it is experiencing some issues while playing videos.

Not Working: Sign In Problem

Love It: I think it is a great way to communicate with people. You can keep up with everyone by watching their videos and looking at their post.

No Calls On Laptop: There is no feature available to make calls or video calls. Need to fix this and release a new update to make calls.


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