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Now we have explained how to download GB Whatsapp(Whatsapp) and how to install on your Android Device. In this day all the information can be shared through the internet via a different application like Whatsapp and GBWhatsapp. Most of the people have come to love and use WhatsApp almost on a daily basis GB Whatsapp. However, some find its features a little bit limited so they’ve turned to other alternatives. One such alternative is an app called GB WhatsApp Download and it offers people so much more than the official WhatsApp. GB WhatsApp is normally enhanced and customized version of the official WhatsApp version. Therefore, the user can use it as a standard version of the WhatsApp. Therefore, WhatsApp MOd is streamlined by the original version of the WhatsApp. Besides, this it is continued with the name of GB WhatsApp application and stayed in the circulation.

GBWhatsApp Download

 Here, GBWhatsApp is tweaked with UI added features. Therefore, it uses the same license and protocol as the original WhatsApp. The advantage of this application is that user can install the Gb WhatsApp alongside with the original versions of WhatsApp on a single device. Therefore, GB WhatsApp is installed users can continue to use the GBWhatsApp with a new number as a completely independent chat application. GBWhatsapp comes with lots of features and with more improvements init. Therefore, GBWhatsapp is provided with many new themes and GB WhatsApp is more privacy as original versions of WhatsApp. Disable calls for specific persons and send GIF messages also

GB WhatsApp – Dual WhatsApp in Single Phone Features :

  1. It Support Voice and Video Calls
  2. Send 90 images at once instead of 10. Now you can send bulk images without any issues.
  3. Change your status and add to 250 characters instead of 139 characters. Now Add Big Quotes in your GBWhatsApp Status Easily.
  4. It Ability to press on links on chat screen without saving sender number or group admin number
  5. Ability to press in links on your friend’s states, if your friends posted any link in status, you can open it with one click rather than typing it manually.
  6. It is the possibility of distinguishing between normal messages and Broadcast messages.
  7. Hide the name and the date when copying more than one message. So now you can copy bulk SMS without showing other people’s name (Good feature) GB Whatsapp Apk Free Download.
  8. The possibility of copying a friend’s status. Now click on your Friend’s Status, and it will copy the status of your friend to Clipboard.
  9. Change the app icon and notifications from settings
  10. And many more unbeatable features.
  11. There is a feature in GBWhatsApp, which can tell you when and what time a user has logged in. In other words recent activity despite you hiding your own activity.
  12. The app gets time-to-time updates to ensure you are updated with the latest features.
  13. The most asked issue on WhatsApp is, how to hide unnecessary notifications of a specific user.
  14. The file size is around 25MB.

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GBWhatsApp Download

These were few of several features of GBwhatsapp (Whatsapp); the coolest thing I find about this app is you can install two Whatsapp applications on one smartphone. GB WhatsApp Download

More Features on GB WhatsApp:

The GBWhatsApp supports many special features built with its latest Modded apk.

GB WhatsApp is anti-ban, ban proof and no need permission to access root. Therefore, in GB WhatsApp user is supported to hide users last seen Ever and it comes under privacy option. It also helps in Hiding double tick mode. GB WhatsApp supports in zooming the Profile Pictures of other users profile pictures. It is developed with emoji’s changer, GbWhatsApp themes, even users will get an alert if the user’s friend changed his/her own image. Gb WhatsApp is supported with the video size up to 30 MB instead of 16 MB and Audio clip size up to 100 MB instead of 16 MB. Therefore the user tends to send 90 images at once instead of 10 at a time. Here, the user will get an alert if the user friend changed his own image in the DP column. A user can change the missed calls icon and change the color of calls and view the media without loading. Now GB Whats is supported with custom theme mode. GB WhatsApp allows users to copy anyone’s status by a simple click on The Status. Here, user Stops receiving calls from anyone users want to or for any in the user’s contacts and even for unwanted contacts.

How To Install GBWhatsapp :

There is no secret guide or any advanced guide on how to Download and install GB Whatsapp on Android App. The procedure is very simple and easy to execute so follow my guide you can easily GBWhatsapp Download Apk. After you can use Dual Whatsapp on your single Mobile devices.

GBWhatsApp Download

  • Download the application from the GB Whatsapp whatsapp download
  • While downloading the GBWhatsapp Download Android application, go to your settings > Application > Tap on Unknown sources Tap on the application then you can go to settings directly.
  • After, downloading the application, you can use the normal procedure to install like other application.

GBWhatsApp Download

  • Install the GB Whatsapp App.
  • Wait, till it gets installed, then tap on open GB Whatsapp.
  • If you already have an active version of WhatsApp then tap on “Agree and continue“.

GBWhatsApp Download


  • Rest you can take it from here. (Even if you are running GBwhatsapp on your Tablet, do not worry GBwhatsApp Download is supported on tablets as well).
  • Therefore, it will ask for a number before entering into an application and it continues with the same process which you follow while installing the official Whatsapp apk.
  • Besides, this instead of entering the same phone number, you can even enter a new phone number to use in GB WhatsApp application accounts on the same phone. It is really fun to use dual Whatsapp on Android. Even user can prank users friends and family through messages or WhatsApp call.
  • Here in GB WhatsApp application users with the option to get rid of WhatsApp default Green interface. Now, the user will have the option to customize GBWhatsApp with cool themes according to users wish. Here, user access all of its features by clicking on Top Right 3 Dot button and select GB Settings from the list

How Does The App Provide All Features :

GB WhatsApp Download is careful enough not to mess with the core. What they do means it alter the style files which are not protected in any app really to provide you with some of the unique design features are mentioned earlier. GB WhatsApp App For some of those features, they have to alter some code outside the core which is not style files.

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gb whatsapp download

However, the way they do it is that they alter things that are probably already stored on your phone and then just trick the official WhatsApp server which manages the sending of messages and files. For example, things like the number of images that can be sent are probably controlled on your phone and not the server of the app in order to let the server focus on important tasks like GBWhatsapp chat has been encryption. So this means that the developers of GB WhatsApp can probably just change that rule which is stored on your phone’s storage that says you can only send 30 images to 90 images and the official server’s of GBWhatsApp Download Apk wouldn’t know what happened as that information is not sent there. So we kind of understand how it might be working GB Whatsapp, let’s get into whether it is safe or not.

How To Use Safe & Secure GB Whatsapp :


The answer to that question is a solid maybe. Because of the fact, these users of the app are not getting banned means that the app is not violating the major values of the official GB WhatsApp. So GBWhatsApp just lets them keep using it. However, just because people are getting banned doesn’t directly mean that it is safe or given a thumbs up from WhatsApp. Any modded app is potentially not safe. GB WhatsApp Apk In most cases, things that are nice to use and that come free often have a hidden cost to them. In this case, you and I probably don’t know what other code the developer of GB WhatsApp has placed in the app. For example, they might have code to spy on you and they can do that because you’ve given their app permissions to access your microphone, contacts, and storage with pictures whatsapp download

Of course, the official WhatsApp could just be doing the same but because they are a company, they are held to a higher degree of accountability in regards to what they do. And given how WhatsApp has built a brand around protecting its user’s privacy, they cannot just do that without consequences. GB Whatsapp is not officially launched someone developed that create GB Whatsapp that’s all about this.

GB Whatsapp Is Not Real Safe :

Another thing of concern is that the GBWhatsapp Apk app isn’t directly available from the Google Play Store. This might mean that they just don’t want it to be taken down due to Google seeing that it’s trying to fake as the official WhatsApp. Or it might mean that they know that their app won’t pass the security checks of Google Play Protect so they don’t put it because it might indeed have malicious code that spies on you.

gb whatsapp download

Whether they are spying on you if you use GB WhatsApp, you probably won’t know. So use it knowing that there is a risk that they might be doing that. Let us know if you use it and whether you think it is safe? What exactly about GB WhatsApp Download do you like the most that have caused you to move away from the official WhatsApp?.

GBWhatsApp Themes Download And Install:

GBWhatsApp themes are useful for GBWhatsApp users. In this GBWhatsApp theme to change the GBWhatsApp looking style. The procedure is very simple and easy to execute so follow my guide you can easily GBWhatsapp Download Apk. After you can use Dual Whatsapp on your single Mobile devices. Here am giving the GBWhatsApp themes collection link given it. You can easily download GBWhatsApp themes in different color and style’s are using to GBWhatsApp Transparent to Download Themes.


Therefore, GB WhatsApp has more features such as WhatsApp message recall feature. Even, users can send messages through Whatsapp and more feature is also added to the GB WhatsApp. Besides, The new versions of GB WhatsApp is built with new emojis. Therefore, with the new version GB WhatsApp, it is more smooth and error-free compared with the old one. Besides, this user will feel the smooth user-interface with the new version. Here, all the users can download the GB WhatsApp for free and use the application for free of cost.


In WhatsApp, there is many mod applications are available but When compared to all other application GB WhatsApp is the best one and it gives the user with the best support. This is all due to its best features built in with the GB WhatsApp. Therefore, GB WhatsApp always released with the update, whether you can download it from the website or the developer will release the update in the play store. Besides, this user can enjoy using the application without having any issues with the Gb WhatsApp application. 


More in GB WhatsApp application

Therefore, users will get the latest updated GBWhatsApp Latest Version for Free. Here, users can enjoy lots of new feature that is added to every new update. It is one of the most popular mod application in WhatsApp forever. Therefore, users already in GB WhatsApp don’t want to come back on Official WhatsApp after using it once. This application is not available on the Play Store as it is against their policies but it provides you with the best ever services. The procedure is very simple and easy to execute so follow my guide you can easily GBWhatsapp Download Apk. After you can use Dual Whatsapp on your single Mobile devices. Here am giving the GBWhatsApp themes collection link given it.

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