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Aptoide for iOS: Aptoide is an application which is used to search or find apps easily. You can get all types of smartphone applications from the Aptoide. You can easily download Aptoide for iOS and install it on your iOS with the help of IPA file. IPA is a file format used in iOS smartphones to identify the applications. If you have Aptoide on your mobile then you can easily find and install any applications that are in and not in the smartphone market.

aptoide for ios

Aptoide is officially released for Android smartphones and it is not officially released for iOS. But you can download IPA files and you can manually install it on your iOS-based smartphones. Aptoide is an alternative application store which comes free and unlimited. It has a feature Rollback where the user can get back the older versions.

Aptoide for iOS Features:

It is more than a store where a user can create an own store there. Download speed is very fast and in Android, it is very similar to the Google Play Store. Aptoide is similar to App Store because you can automatically update the installed applications and also you can Rollback to the old version if you are not satisfied with the updated one. It is the best replacement for your smartphone store if you are not installed or not satisfied with your apps.

Aptoide for ios logo

All the user can sell their application if they created any applications. But they need to upgrade to the Aptoide premium versions. Aptoide has one more main feature where it also has the applications which are not listed in your smartphone store. Some apps are rejected by the smartphone store because of any policy violations but you can find it here. But you need to use those applications with your own risk efforts.

How to use Aptoide For iOS in iPhone/iPad:

Aptoide for your IOS will work just like another store in the mobile development forum. You can access all the applications that you used on your apple or android phone. There will be absolutely no difference or what so ever in the experience of this application. Here is a quick and safe guide for you to download this application and run it successfully on your Apple iOS.

Step-by-Step instructions to install Aptoide on ios 

Many of the special feature downloads sometimes require you to jailbreak your phone. Which means you will be permanently changing the software of the phone which leads to loss of warranty. Aptoide can be downloaded without the need of jailbreak.

  • Search using safari – “Aptoide”
  • This will direct you to the official website
  • There will be an option where you can download Aptoide for IOS
  • There will be an Apk by the name of Aptoide Apk
  • Add this application to your home screen
  • not satisfied with the Aptoide app? don’t worry! check the Aptoide alternatives for Android & iOS article and download many paid apps for free.

Aptoide for iOS Info:

Name of file: Aptoide

File type: .ipa

File size: 15MB

Type: Free / Premium

More about Aptoide for iOS:

Aptoide for iOS market

You no need to sign in to Aptoide with Google or Apple ID. Aptoide market has thousands of apps free here where you can download it easily. Aptoide supports multiple languages and you no need to worry about the application usage. You can easily contact the technical support team of the Aptoide store without any difficulties. Millions of applications are available in the Aptoide store and you can find your need with the help of search box. You may download premium applications for free here.

Aptoide for iOS Download:

Unfortunately, Aptoide for iOS is not directly available for download. But you can find a lot of alternatives instead of searching Aptoide for iOS. Aptoide is released for Android market to replace the Google Play Store and it is not released for iOS. So you can not replace Apple store with the Aptoide market. But you can find similar applications like Aptoide to replace the iOS App Store.

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