AirDroid For PC Windows 10/8/7/Xp Free Download

AirDroid For PC App is one of the best remote management systems to connect your Android Phone or any smartphones. How it’s working from devices nothing but once AirDroid installs on your mobile via to connect your PC Windows system. If you have an Android Phone, then AirDroid will let takes advantages of your computer largest screen to manage your Android phone. In this free Android software, App establishes to communication between a computer with the smartphone. AirDroid is same implement process with Mac and iOS or iPhone for all devices same like that.

AirDroid For PC   AirDroid For Windows

AirDroid For PC

AirDroid For PC Windows Free Download :

AirDroid For PC App once connected to your pc windows or desktop windows system your computer act on mobile phone. AirDroid mobile app communicates with your computer via the web browser desktop is a stand-alone program that one does not require the desktop web browser. AirDroid App installed the next step is app before using Account Sign-up its necessary. If you are not sign-in AirDroid Account does not work on any devices.

AirDroid Features :

  • Remotely Managment System
  • No Wires! Wireless
  • SMS send and receiving between computer
  • Devices notification send your computer
  • Install Apps
  • Backup Files & Apps
  • Transfer Files & Photos, Docs etc…
  • Transfer For All Wirelessly
  • Past links to Android Clipboard
  • Open websites on your android phone From AirDroid
  • Accessing mobile devices remotely on computer
  • Available on Windows, Mac, Web
  • Web.AirDroid extension Available
  • Remote control without root
  • TLS Encryption
  • Manage your mobile devices remotely without being on site
  • More than 500+ devices connected remotely
  • Unlimited File Transfer
  • Find Your Phone
  • Transfer files and media
  • App Managment
  • Camera and Screenshots
  • Remote Camera
  • Large File Transfer
  • Call Dial number your web browser
  • Remove Ads
  • Compatible with user’s

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AirDroid App For PC :

airdroid for pc

AirDroid App Download For PC very easily it helps you to transfer files from mobile to computer or any other devices. AirDroid App major advantage is the largest file should be sent computer and computer to mobile very easily. Another Advantage is you are creating multiple groups on your mobile devices using that all devices control your computer. If you want the devices you can access from Airdroid App For PC use.

How To Download And Install Android Phone To PC With AirDroid App :

AirDroid App connects to your all operating system with Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP also you can easily download and install to connect them. AirDroid For Mac and AirDroid For iPhone also download and install very quick and fast. Once AirDroid installs your mobile you can never interest go for other apps.

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AirDroid For PC

  • Open Your mobile Google Play Store
  • Search the “AirDroid
  • Click to Download AirDroid App
  • Install AirDroid
  • After Successful installation of AirDroid App
  • First user’s tour will show for easy understanding that doesn’t skip this tour
  • It will take 3 min to complete
  • Open to Your mobile Airdroid web click that.AirDroid For PC

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  • Open Web Browser on your PC
  • Enter Web.AirDroid to open
  • Your device want camera must
  • Desktop showing QR Code

AirDroid For PC

  • Open your mobile AirDroid to click Web.AirDroid
  • You can use your mobile to scan QR code on your Desktop
  • Once QR Scan is completed to your mobile connect Desktop
  • Your Desktop is controlled your mobile phone.

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