Spy From This Phone

You need to choose this option after installing this application on the phone in which you are going to spy all other phones. It means you are going to spy another phone from this phone. After you click this option you have a lot of options to control and for spying. For example, on a context of parental control if you are a parent and you need to spy your child means you need to install spy phone application on your phone and then you need to choose ‘spy from this phone‘ option. You can Spy all of your children and their names can be chosen from the list in the top.

In the top, you can choose the victim name from the list. When you choose the name then all the relevant information will appear below to that. All the data sent from the victim are available in that view. Two arrow marks are available on the left and right side of that view and those are the buttons to change the information. Spy phone gives you the beautiful animation and it shows a lot of information about victim mobile.

Spy Phone App also provides you some controls to interact with the victim phone. You can remotely lock the victim phone, hide the application icon from launcher, unhide the application icon from launcher, Open the application and much feature coming soon.

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